ESE 315 Week 3 ADHD Presentation

<span itemprop="name">ESE 315 Week 3 ADHD Presentation</span>

ADHD Presentation. Using what you have learned so far about ADHD and inclusion, you will create a PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following scenario:

You have been asked by your administrator or director to give a 10-minute presentation to the school board regarding inclusion and ADHD. The board wants to know specifically how this ever-increasing population of students is assisted and supported in an inclusive setting in your school or center.

Your administrator has asked that the following be included:

An explanation of the steps to follow when a parent of a child without an ADHD diagnosis is seeking a diagnosis (e.g. describe the checklist or rating scale you will use alongside the parent and physician).

An explanation of the federal laws associated with an ADHD diagnosis.

A discussion of how parents can be kept involved in their child’s learning once the child has been diagnosed by a physician, psychologist, or neuropsychologist.

An explanation of how students are specifically accommodated through the functional organization of the classroom. § How students are supported through organization of classroom space and assignments. § How students are supported in the delivery of instruction.

A discussion of the importance of a schedule (including how you provide breaks for a child with ADHD).

A description of the brain regions, neurotransmitters, and physiological symptoms associated with ADHD.

A discussion of how children with ADHD are encouraged to participate in lessons.

A sample of how children are assisted with self-monitoring (e.g. a behavior checklist).

A specific example of how a child is supported by using Elian (figure 5.x) as the model. Summarize this child’s support.

A specific example of a brain-based learning strategy that can be used in the classroom.

A discussion of information that is used to help students at home (e.g. assignment agenda).