Name and explain two types of prewriting

<span itemprop="name">Name and explain two types of prewriting</span>

Please be advised that this is your final chance to earn a grade for this lesson .The inclusion of  ANY plagiarized content will result in the termination of your Peen Foster High School program

Question 1 –   Name and explain two types of prewriting . Demonstrate each of your chosen prewriting methods using the topic below .

Topic : Social Media

Question 2- Name and explain the steps of the writing process .Be sure to include why each step is important

Question 3 – Rewrite the following paragraph ,correcting errors in spelling,grammar , capitalization and punctuation

Education is vary important in todays technologically – advanced society,without a basic education,which include some knowledge of computers and social media a person cannot got a quality job or earn a god living .In order to afford a family and a good life people must keep up with technology  and stay  on  school

Question 4 – Identify three clichés . Use each one in a sentence that demonstrates its meaning.

(Please note that the cliché must be part of an original sentence and cannot be a sentence in itself)

Question 5 – Write a paragraph of at least eight sentences comparing and contrasting the topic below.

Topic : Living alone and having roommates

Question 6 – Using chronological order , write a paragraph of  at least five sentences on the topic below .

Topic : How to pack for a weekend trip