NETW 585 Final Exam

<span itemprop="name">NETW 585 Final Exam</span>

(TCO F) List and briefly describe at least five key steps in the process of designing a good security strategy. (Points : 25)

(TCO E) Describe the four types of network testing typically performed. (Points : 25)

(TCO E) What is regression testing? Why is regression testing usually an important part of network testing? (Points : 25)

(TCO D) Describe the difference between centralized and distributed cable topologies and give an example of each.

(TCO C) For Cisco’s three-layer hierarchical model for network design, list the layers and explain their roles. What guidelines should a network designer follow when using the hierarchical model? (Points : 25)

(TCO D) What are the most important criteria for selecting a WAN service provider? List and explain at least five. (Points : 25)

(TCO C) List at least four ways you know that you have developed a good network design. (Points : 25)

(TCO C) Define autonomous system. How do interior routing protocols differ from external routing protocols? (Points : 25)

(TCO B) List and describe at least four different network traffic factors that must be analyzed when evaluating the traffic on a network. (Points : 25)

. (TCO B) What factors should be considered when characterizing the infrastructure of a network?(Points : 25)

(TCO A) Why is scalability an important network design goal? What are some challenges designers face when taking scalability into account in their design? (Points : 25)

(TCO A) Why is understanding an organization’s technical goals necessary when working on a design? List and explain in detail at least three of these goals. (Points : 25)