NSG 513 WEEK 3 Organizational Culture

<span itemprop="name">NSG 513 WEEK 3 Organizational Culture</span>

NSG 513 WEEK 3 Organizational Culture

NSG 513 WEEK 3 Organizational Culture

NSG 513 WEEK 3 Organizational Culture

Part 1

Leaders have several strategies that they can use to create a culture of change in an organization. Leaders can utilize the mechanisms identified by Schein to educate current and prospective staff about the organization’s culture and how to maintain that cultural awareness.

Evaluate the primary embedding mechanisms and the secondary articulation and reinforcement mechanisms discussed in Ch. 9: Challenges of Change on p. 229 of the Leadership for Health Professionals textbook.

  • Click the Presentation tab for a link to the textbook.
Develop a detailed SWOT Analysis of the healthcare organization for which you either currently or have previously worked.Create a 700-word leadership development plan explaining how you would address each weakness. Consider combining several theories and models for developing your plan.

 the following in your plan:

  • The organization’s mission and vision
  • Weaknesses that prevent the organization from achieving its mission and vision
  • Potential threats if weaknesses are not addressed
  • How you can use the strengths identified in your personal SWOT analysis as an opportunity to help the organization improve in this area
  • Competencies (managerial and leadership) you possess and can use to address the issue
  • The leadership theory that is appropriate to address the organization’s weaknesses
  • The primary mechanisms that can be used within the organization to refine, maintain, or change the organization’s culture
  • The secondary mechanisms that can be used to reinforce the primary embedding mechanisms
  • The affect the organization’s culture has on the ability of a leader to drive change

Provide APA-formatted in-text citations and references for all sources.

Part 2

The purpose of a leadership development plan is for leaders to develop competencies that can bridge levels and functionalities in the organization. This allows leaders to promote team engagement, and provide purpose and direction for achieving their goals. Leadership development programs are essential to managing a team when it comes to planning and making the right decisions regarding functionality across the organization. By developing a plan, leaders are able to determine the skills of each staff member. As a result, leadership can utilize the skills of the staff strategically when putting the plan into action.

Create a 6-slide presentation to present to your staff that includes a SWOT analysis of your organization. If you currently do not work for a health care organization, use a health care facility where you have worked. Your presentation should be informative and persuade staff that change must take place to address the organization’s weaknesses.

Consider the implications if change is not implemented to address the organization’s weaknesses.

Include speaker notes for each slide.

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NSG 513 WEEK 3 Organizational Culture

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