RES 725 WEEK 5 Repeated-Measures ANOVA

<span itemprop="name">RES 725 WEEK 5 Repeated-Measures ANOVA</span>

RES 725 WEEK 5 Repeated-Measures ANOVA

RES 725 WEEK 5 Repeated-Measures ANOVA

Chapter 4 of a dissertation is used to present your findings from the data you gathered during your research. Your data should be presented in a logical order and in sufficient detail which includes output from SPSS including tables, graphs and other visual representations of data created by the software. The output you copy from SPSS and include in your written work may need to be reformatted so that it is consistent with APA guidelines.  Approach the following exercise as though you were writing Chapter 4 of your dissertation.

Access the data files you saved to SPSS in Week 1.

Use the file tutormarks.sav explained in Ch. 14 (p. 589) of the Field text, under “Smart Alex’s tasks” 1 and 2.

Write a 5 – 10 page paper, not including front matter and references, reporting your results.

Include references to support your work.

Explain the following as if your reader had only a general understanding of statistics:

  • The statistical test you used
  • The problem the data set is based on
  • What your research questions are
  • The hypothesis you are trying to show through statistics
  • What the statistical test showed

Include tables and graphs from your SPSS output.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


RES 725 WEEK 5 Repeated-Measures ANOVA