SaintLeo HRA596 Module 1 Report Latest 2019 November

<span itemprop="name">SaintLeo HRA596 Module 1 Report Latest 2019 November</span>


HRA596 Strategic Issues in Human Resources

Module 1 Report

Find at least two peer-reviewed journal articles that address important social and demographic changes in labor and the workplace. You may use the chapter references on pp. 60-62 or reference sections at the end of the Chapter 2 Readings as a springboard.

Integrate and summarize the points mentioned in these articles into a 2-4 page report (with APA citations and a reference page). Conclude your report with a discussion of your personal or professional experiences with these changes in the workplace. Have you dealt with any of these changes? How did you confront any of these issues to maximize diversity and/or responsibility and sustainability in the workplace? What have you learned from your experiences with these changes?   

Submit your Report to the Discussion Board and Assignment folder no later than Thursday 11:59 EST/EDT.