SaintLeo HRA596 Module 3 Report Latest 2019 November

<span itemprop="name">SaintLeo HRA596 Module 3 Report Latest 2019 November</span>


HRA596 Strategic Issues in Human Resources

Module 3 Report

This is a collaborative assignment.

Read Reading 6.1 (Sexual Harassment Versus Workplace Romance: Social Media Spillover and Textual Harassment in the Workplace,” Mainiero and Jones, 2018, pp.205-215).

Then consider the following questions:

How can and should HR develop ethical digital policies for employees?

In this over active digital age, the authors suggest two strategies to address sexual harassment and workplace romance/social media issues:

a proactive strategy to include aspects of social media and textual harassment as part of the firm’s sexual    harassment training.

a reactive strategy to when situations erupt, so that human resource professionals explain the company’s    code of ethical conduct and ramifications (p.215).

Considering the four points the author denotes as essential to address with these policies, develop a proactive and reactive strategy to address issues of social media and textual harassment in the workplace. Feel free to use examples from your own work experiences.

Choose a partner from among your peers in this course. Together, write a 2-4 page report that describes your strategies above and how to implement them. Remember, your paper should begin with an executive summary. 

Post your Executive Summary on the Discussion Board and include your report as an attachment no later than Thursday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. Also, submit your paper to the Assignment box. See the Discussion page for further information.