SaintLeo HRA596 Module 8 HR Application 2 Latest 2019 November

<span itemprop="name">SaintLeo HRA596 Module 8 HR Application 2 Latest 2019 November</span>


HRA596 Strategic Issues in Human Resources

Module 8 HR Application 2

After reading Chapter 14, answer the following:

Consider Exhibit 14.1 on p. 470, illustrating examples of Hofstedeā€™s Cultural Dimensions across cultures. Choose two distinctly different countries from this list (e.g., United States & Venezuela). How would you set up HR programs and practices differently for the same organization operating in these two different nations? Where would you place your priorities in terms of meeting cultural and national expectations? Suppose you had 5 minutes to give a strategic HR briefing to a high-level executive with years of experience in one country, but none in the other. What would you tell him or her?

Write a 1-2 page response to address these questions and submit it to the Assignment box no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.