SaintLeo HRA596 Module 8 Report Latest 2019 November

<span itemprop="name">SaintLeo HRA596 Module 8 Report Latest 2019 November</span>


HRA596 Strategic Issues in Human Resources

Module 8 Report

Consider your current job (or a job with which you are very familiar). Calculate turnover costs for your job, assuming the voluntary resignation of a long-term employee in the position (no, not necessarily you). Remember to consider economic and non-economic costs in your analyses. Describe any difficulty you have coming to an accurate accounting of these costs. What recommendations could you make to the organization to manage these costs?

Write a 2-4 page report addressing the above. Remember, your paper should begin with an executive summary.

Post your Executive Summary on the Discussion Board and include your report as an attachment no later than Thursday 11:59 PM EST/EDT. Also, submit your paper to the Assignment box. See the Discussion page for further information.