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Review the concepts of Animism, Animatism, and Deism and describe how they vary in differences and similarities. Then, describe how each belief system is expressed by a particular culture that practices each concept.   Practices…

Discuss the differences between bands, tribes, chiefdoms, confederacies, and states. Then indicate what roles kinship and associations play in each of these systems. First describe how colonization and globalization have affected sociopolitical systems, and then…

Are there universal features in human behavior that leads to conflict? Give examples.   What are the formal and informal mechanisms of social control? Give examples.   How has globalization affected cultural identities and consumerism?

1.Chapter 12 – Page 416 – Question 1 - Historian Eric Sager, commenting on the growing ranks of singles, points out, “It is often said that divorce today performs the function that death did in…