When you purchase an item from (this site) you agree with the following by default:

1. You will not use the purchased product/item to cheat or break your university code of conduct;

2. You will not use the purchased product/item to resell it on yours/other’s internet resources;

3. You will not request a refund based on reasons like: “i thought it is something else”, “i didn’t like it”, “that’s not what i want” and the like;

4. You will not open a fake PayPal dispute/claim (WARNING! We will notify PayPal about fraud immediately as a dispute/claim is opened)

5. You acknowledge that we ALWAYS send the DIGITAL PRODUCT via email and we are not responsible for it’s delivery;

6. You acknowledge that the product is ALWAYS AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD right after you checkout (also from your account), so you are responsible for downloading it;

7. You will contact your email provider in cases when “you believe the product was not sent you” (WARNING! We always send them!);

8. You will contact ifresh.us in cases you need help with:

a) receiving a product

b) opening a file

c) locating the homework answers etc;

9. You will always give us a chance to correct an issue and never request a refund